Paper Towels vs. Air Dryers

Commercial "hand dryers" and "high speed blade hand dryers", while reducing the equivalent amount of trees consumed to make paper towels, are not necessarily the "healthiest" option in an office building or public restroom. Studies have shown that "high speed hand dryers" actually increase germ growth from 40% - 240% in a restroom. While the newer "blade style" dryers are significantly better than older/traditional models of air dryers, the problem remains that it does not remove all the germs.

In addition, the problem of persons "stacking" or "queuing" inside of a restroom to wait for a hand dryer, can cause people to skip the hand washing process altogether. The problem truly begins when employees, tenants, or visitors do not properly wash their hands in the first place. Air dryers will not remove the additional/left over bacteria that a paper towel will. 

By using "Environmentally Friendly" paper towels…you will actually reduce the amount of germs by up to 77% while remaining "Green" and healthy.




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