Repurposing Old Paint

By Pro-Formance Painting

With the number of construction and maintenance projects being completed in commercial buildings it is common to find a buildup of unwanted, leftover paint.  Never pour paint down drains or allow it to drain into gutters where it can pollute waterways and harm wildlife.   In this article you will find environmentally responsible ways to dispose of your old paint.

  • To reuse or recycle your old paint you can refer to Earth911's recycling locator website   Go to the 'learn more' section for more information.
  • Many cities and counties offer disposal options as well.  Check out

Reuse Options:

If you have leftover, unwanted paint in good condition, consider donating the paint for reuse to:

  • A local charity
  • A high school drama department
  • Your place of worship
  • A Habitat for Humanity chapter
  • Keep America Beautiful affiliates

Some communities even offer “Swap Shops” (product exchanges) as part of a local household hazardous waste program, facility or local charity.  

Recycle Options:

Give it away!  Try posting leftover paint on in the free department. Many people will take advantage of the opportunity to take the paint off your hands and do painting around their homes without the expense of buying the paint.

Alternately, check out  for disposal options.  There is a cost involved, but at least it doesn't end up in a landfill.


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