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Officer Steven Jeffrey #3520
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Suspicious Activity Guidelines for Businesses

BOMA Silicon Valley has served the commercial real estate industry for over 30 year with many more years to come.  With a variety of real estate uses and business plans, safety and security continues to be of the greatest importance.  As we have all seen, the theft of property whether it is physical or intellectual can be devastating to businesses.

San Jose Police Department has worked with BOMA Silicon Valley to create emergency preparedness awareness a priority and now we continue this effort to bring awareness to suspicious activity in and around the Silicon Valley.  Partnerships with our stakeholders are paramount in combating the threat of violence and the thefts of property.  BOMA members and SJPD together with our federal, state and local partners are continuing to combat threats, domestic extremism and thefts.  Law enforcement partnerships with YOU are the foundation of an effective proactive deterrent to these activities.

It has been said so many times, "I wish a cop was here right now.  I know throughout our travels in Silicon Valley we all have seen situations that just doesn't seem right, but you were not sure how to report it and unsure who to report it to. 

Below are guidelines to help in making your reporting decision:

In any location

If it is an emergency or a crime in process,  dial 911

Issues within City of San Jose

In San Jose, if you have an issue that is not an emergency,  dial 311

For locations outside San Jose, see the appropriate law enforcement agency.

But sometimes situations might not fall into these two general categories:

For issues such as drugs, graffiti, vagrancy, homeless, loitering, trespassing, noise, phone harassment click here:              http://www.sjpd.org/ReportingCrime/

For issues not crime related, but would like to notify SJPD about suspicious activity; email the details to sjpdintelligence@sjpd.org

And for further assistance……yes there is an app for that

SJPD is also very active in social media.  I would invite you to visit our sites.

Additional Law Enforcement Partners

Northern California Regional Intelligence Center https://ncric.org/

Planning is Key

Conducting proper planning is always the first step in developing a response to an emergency or threat.  Just creating a plan (policies/procedures) identifies the persons to respond and sets in motion a series of actions identified by the planning team.  Different incidents require different response plans and portions of the different response plans can be used or referenced. 

Plans should be developed within businesses, property mangers and property owners.  Bring all stakeholders together to develop a plan.  The first plan may not be the end all of plans, but it is a place to start which can be continually updated through the years.

Below are the types of plans to be considered for development:

Security Plan
Continuity of Operations Plan
Emergency Action Plan (earthquakes, fires and EMS events)
Active Shooter Plan
Suspicious Activity Reporting Plan
Bomb Threat Plan
Suspicious Mail Plan
Communications Plan
Personnel Termination Procedures Plan
Cyber Action Plan (response to viruses, trojans, DDOS attack etc)

If you should have any questions at all you can email me at steven.jeffrey@sanjoseca.gov

Thank you.

Steven Jeffrey #3520



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